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I decided to turn back on the full moon feature and now I get to be greeted by zombies that have eaten all my plants and crash on my front porch. Hurray.

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I ATTEMPTED editing Kiku’s skin to add in a bit of rolls and love handles. Kiku’s a curvy woman!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello again :) I don't know if you have all the eps already, but did you hear about that offer that's going on? Sims 2 plus all the expansion packs - FOR FREE! I almost regret paying for them now x)

yes i have and i already grabbed them! i actually own all the eps but it doesnt hurt to have them again! lol thanks for letting me know though!

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I am seeing so many ts2 posts this is making me very very happy yes post more!!!

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Anonymous asked: Hey sushi! Are you thinking of getting sims 4? I kinda don't want to because of all the missing features, but the demo is pretty good. I just wish they'd start making better hair though, the base game hair is always really blobby:/

hello! i definitely want the sims 4 despite all the not so good news. but i never ever planned on buying it lol i was gonna wait for a torrent to come up! I STILL WANT THAT DEMO! booooo. 

i dont like the hair either but we have such amazing creators in the sims community i know they’ll make some wonderful cc. 

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I’m bored and I wanna play that demo!!! boooo I was gonna try making dolly n Seiya

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Man i have origin and have bought a few ts3 games from them and no sims 4 demo code. 

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#blah blah just gushing over sims nbd

i have a folder full of pictures of dolly and seiya and im looking through them now and the more i see them the more i adore them. I have never cared for a pair of sims as much as I care for them. They make this game worth playing.

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#sims 2

photos taken by porcelainpuppets!! I hope its okay i post these but you’re just so amazing! I was really wanting Dolly and Seiya in my game and porcelainpuppets MADE THEM! I am 100 times more excited to play ts2 now. Thank you SO MUCH.

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Anonymous asked: hi sushi! I was the little anon who was very serious about the sims on your main blog.. I thought I'd bother you here about sims instead! in ts3 they also seemed really focused on customization, but in ts2 there was waaay more custom content, mods and plus you could have custom animations and sounds, it really added a lot to the game. the base game was perfection, but custom animations added so much stuff, once I was at the point when I had so much CC my game wouldn't even run properly...

Hello and sorry anon for this late reply! I agree! I REALLY love things being castable thats the best thing for me in ts3! If i could just take all the activities and scenery from ts3 and shove it into ts2 that would be the BEST GAME EVER! I would be so happy. Ahh.. I can only dream lol. Oh me too! lol  still have ALL my old cc from the last time i played ts2 (which was about 5 years ago, i backed everything up) and there were about 11k files in there! I just decided to start all over and go on a huge downloading spree! lol

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thank you guys so much for the suggestions! im going through them all now :)

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I am so lost with ts2. I don’t know where to begin as far as downloading things! I want really colorful furniture but idk where to look! I also want to change the neighborhood look and I’m lost on that too! I really don’t know as much as I thought I did when it comes to ts2

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Anonymous asked: have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel and doing let's plays ?

nope! i really dont have anything interesting to say

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#sims 3

Ok I loveee the jetpack kiss

I think Dolly does too!

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