ilove-babysparkles asked: I'm in love with your sim that was based off of Levi, he is perfection. I melted.

aww thanks a lot! :)

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ok I know some of you want my Aoba so let me package him up and then hes all yours :)

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Anonymous asked: Will you ever upload your Aoba sim? I have the biggest crush on him and would love love love love LOVE to play around with him in my game~ And your's is just so beautifully done, omg. <3

if youre okay with the fact that aoba was made on a female sim body and not a male (has boobs and everything) then yea why not!

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Anonymous asked: more pictures of decor, and interior please

i actually want to edit parts of dolly and seiyas soon so i’ll be making some posts! :)

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#sims 3

Lilo is just absolutely adorable and I’m glad she’s part of the Moon family!

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my game was working JUST FINE yesterday and today it wont open.


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Anonymous asked: i miss your sims pic :<

im actually working on something right now so i actually AM playing my game! haha. i’ll post soon :)

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Anonymous asked: *whispers really quietly* i love you (´Д`。)

i love you always

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jorsimmy replied to your post: oh btw i dyed my hair some funky color…

i wanna see!!!~

here is a pic!!!: 


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#thats kind of an update on where ive been right?

oh btw i dyed my hair some funky colors. yep. 

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ok i know i havent posted anything in ages with no explanation but LOOK AT HOW CUTE DOLLY IS!

ok thats it.

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Anonymous asked: please, would you post Wire's SIM file? I'm so in love with him omg

who is Wire

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#sims 3

I don’t think i will ever get over just how cute Dolly is. Ever.

Also thanks aphroditesimmoral for the beautiful skin!

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#merry christmas!!


Seiya: HOHOHOHO! What would you like for christmas, pretty girl!?

Dolly: I thought you’d never ask! I want a pretty pink car and lots of frilly dresses and all the ice cream i can eat and-

Seiya: Haha, alrigh-

Dolly: I’m not finished!!! I want a unicorn and oh LOTS of shoes and…

I’m ready for christmas!

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